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Don’t lose the battle over Chinch Bugs. Chinch bugs can attack a lawn quickly as weather warms and adults move into open areas where females lay eggs. These eggs hatch and begin feeding on grass plants, while releasing plant-damaging toxins. Damaged areas first appear as yellowish or brownish patches that enlarge as the insects spread. Lawn Doctor’s Chinch Bug Control reduces the number of these pests on your property and minimizes the risk of infestation.

Fire Ants are destructive insects that can infest lawns, ornamental beds, and homes.

These insects build large, highly visible mounds that can ruin your landscape’s value and appearance. Fire ants also cause damage to your lawn and landscape as they create underground tunnels, feeding on seeds and young plants. Fire ants are also known for inflicting painful—and sometimes dangerous—stings on humans and pets.


The threat of being stung by a Fire Ant may limit your outdoor activities, reducing your quality of life and valuable time spent with family and friends. With just one treatment of our revolutionary control product, Lawn Doctor can reduce the infestation of Fire Ants for up to one full year after treatment. Don’t let Fire ants ruin your outdoor activities this season. Call Lawn Doctor today to find out more about our beneficial Fire Ant Control Program.

Grubs are the larval stage of several beetles. During their life cycle, grubs exist approximately two inches below the lawn’s surface, continuously feeding on the root system. Proactively treat your lawn for grubs with our preventative grub control Bountiful services. Grub damage is most likely to occur in the late summer and early fall months, but grubs can also cause damage in the late spring. Grub activity encourages scavenging animals on your lawn like moles, skunks and birds; all of which will search for grubs to feed on. Damage may not be apparent until it’s too late, requiring costly repair.

The Sod Webworm is the caterpillar state of a common lawn moth. The night flying moths drop eggs from which the caterpillars hatch in the lawn and begin to feed on grass plans almost immediately. Damaged areas have yellow patches of turf that may eventually turn brown and die. Webworms are only active at night, chewing grass leaves, often severing the entire plant at the crown. During the day they retreat to silk lined tunnels in the thatch or soil. Birds flocking to your lawn to feed may indicate Sod Webworm activity. Control of Sod Webworms is included in your Lawn Doctor Maintainer Care program.

Get Help Before Lawn Insect Pests Damage Your Lawn

Lawn Doctor of Bountiful, UT can provide the best treatment to help prevent lawn insect damage before it occurs. A properly cared for landscape adds both beauty and value to your home while providing natural support for the environment. Your local Lawn Doctor can help you create and maintain the quality landscape you deserve. Contact us to start kicking lawn insect pests out if your yard.

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